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Projet +Literacy

Adult Education and Training Project has already reached 386 people

Concerned with the levels of qualification and training of the adult population, and its effects on employability, the Municipality of Matosinhos and ADEIMA- Association for the Integrated Development of Matosinhos created in 2015 the project "+ Literacy".

Aimed at people over 18, illiterate or with very low literacy levels, this project aims to promote basic literacy - reading and writing, mathematical calculation, knowledge of the world, technological skills, and socio-cognitive development, with a view to professional (re)integration and an improvement in living conditions.

In the field, the training sessions are held in places close to the population, covering the four parish unions in the municipality, which facilitates their adhesion and motivation.

In the six editions already carried out, this adult education and training project has reached 386 people (215 female and 171 male).

In the 2021-2022 school year, 103 people attended the program, 60 women and 43 men.

As of the 2nd edition, the +Literacy Project started a partnership with ADEIMA's Qualifica Center, enabling trainees to be certified with the 4th grade (B1) or the 6th grade of schooling (B2), through the process of Recognition, Validation and Certification of Skills (RVCC), having so far certified 41 people (29 in B1 and 12 in B2).

Enrollment or more information about "+Literacy": 936321834/229578150; ;


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