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Public Service Strike: Matosinhos City Hall threatens school principals with disciplinary proceeding

The Union of Workers in Public and Social Functions of the North denounced to SIC a case of pressure on employees not to join the national strike of the Civil Service, scheduled for this Friday

The Union of Workers in Public and Social Functions of the North - STFPSN denounced situations of pressure on workers not to join the national strike this Friday.

Speaking to SIC, Lurdes Ribeiro reports a scenario of "fear" after the Matosinhos City Council sent an email to school principals with a message: tell workers that they can not strike because, if they do, they will be subject to disciplinary proceedings.

"This strike is marked by the word fear (...) It will probably be in Justice and in the courts that we will resolve this", said Lurdes Ribeiro of the STFPSN.

The Civil Service workers are on a national strike this Friday. They demand immediate pay raises. The strike was called by the Common Front, which expects a mass adherence of workers.

"We are expecting a big strike in the Public Administration, surely one of the biggest strikes in recent years", says Sebastião Santana, from the Common Front.

Severe disturbances are expected in hospitals and services, such as tax offices, Social Security, and Citizen's Shops. Schools are also expected to remain closed during this Friday.


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