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Quality certification in Matosinhos

Municipality celebrates the World Quality Day, highlighting the extension of certification to all organic units

After having started in 2007 the implementation of the Quality Management System in the municipality, assuming the certification of several municipal services according to ISO 9001, the most widely used management systems standard worldwide, the Municipality of Matosinhos has advanced with the process of extending the ISO 9001:2015 standard to the remaining municipal services.

The objective of the measure is the implementation of a tool that aims to improve the overall performance of the organisation in a generalised manner, contributing to the creation of value, to the satisfaction of the various stakeholders and to the achievement of results based on the effectiveness and efficiency of the processes.

The journey that the municipality has been making in the context of continuous improvement allowed it to become, in 2021, the first entity in the country, between public and private, to receive the certificate 'Recognised to Excellence (R4E)', with three stars from the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM), awarded by the Portuguese Association for Quality within the European scheme Levels of Excellence. This is the highest level of recognition only surpassed by the European Excellence Award.

The municipality is also in the process of certification of NP 4452:2016 that defines the requirements and measures for the creation of a management system for Conciliation of Professional, Family and Personal Life.

It should be noted that today is World Quality Day, a date established by the UN (United Nations Organization) in 1990, marked annually on the second Thursday of November, as a way to draw attention to the concept of Quality in its various dimensions, including productivity and sustainability of organizations and reflection on its impact on the ecosystem of organizations.


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