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Quercus awards ‘Gold Quality Beach’ to 14 beaches in Matosinhos

Matosinhos wins the beaches of Leça da Palmeira, Angeiras, Aterro, Fuzelhas and Senhora (Boa Nova) for 2023.

Quercus has awarded the ‘Golden Quality Beach’ prize to 14 beaches in Matosinhos, five more than last year.

These are the beaches of Agudela, Angeiras Norte, Angeiras Sul, Aterro, Cabo do Mundo, Funtão, Fuzelhas, Leça da Palmeira, Marreco, Memória, Pedras Brancas, Pedras do Corgo, Quebrada and Senhora (Boa Nova).

This prize is awarded on the basis of the quality of the bathing water, which is analysed by different Regional Hydrographic Administrations.

In total, 420 Portuguese beaches were honoured, 26 more than last year, 9 of which were first-timers.


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