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Riguinha and Carcavelos

Matosinhos City Hall and APA sign a protocol to clean up the two creeks

The Municipality of Matosinhos and the Portuguese Environment Agency (APA) signed today a cooperation protocol with the aim of cleaning up the Riguinha and Carcavelos streams.

The APA, which has the competence of the depollution of the streams, commits to support the municipality in the work of rehabilitation and enhancement of the two water lines, whose mouth is on the beach of Matosinhos, as part of a comprehensive strategy for water resources in the territory, aiming to protect the ecosystems that are associated and providing greater economic, social and environmental value.

"This is the start of a project that we know will be difficult and time consuming. It is a very demanding job, since the intention is to detect the improper connections of wastewater along the entire canal. We are aware that this is a task always unfinished, but we count on the commitment of our technicians and, above all, the population that is increasingly aware of environmental issues," said Luís Salgueiro, mayor of the municipality.

In this context, APA will support both the investment in continuous monitoring equipment, which will allow an analysis, in time and continuously, of the conditions and impacts that occur from a bacteriological point of view, and the interventions in the rainwater networks tributary to the two water lines, in which there are improper connections of wastewater, in order to eliminate or correct them.

Thus, the municipality will install equipment for sampling and microbiological assessment and will inspect the storm drains that connect to the streams, in search of the presence of sewage.


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