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S. Mamede de Infesta Mutual Aid Association Anniversary

Several moments marked the institution's 133rd anniversary celebrations

The Mutual Aid Association of S. Mamede de Infesta (ASMSMI), the oldest in S. Mamede de Infesta and one of the oldest in the county, marked on Sunday, January 15, its 133rd anniversary with several commemorative moments.

Early in the morning, the raising of flags at the headquarters institution, followed by a mass in honor of deceased members, as well as a pilgrimage to the cemetery, a symbolic act of tribute.

The anniversary celebration ceremony of this centennial institution of the municipality continued with the inauguration of the governing bodies, followed by a commemorative lunch where the architect António Carlos Coelho presented the architectural project for the creation of the Integrated Continued Care Unit of Matosinhos. The new structure will be divided into a Convalescent Unit and a Medium Duration and Rehabilitation Unit.

The ceremony was attended by the Vice President, Carlos Mouta, the President of the Union of Parishes of S. Mamede de Infesta and Senhora da Hora, Leonardo Fernandes, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of ASMSMI, Alexandre Lopes, among other personalities linked to the association.

The Association of Mutual Aid of S. Mamede de Infesta is a Private Institution of Social Solidarity (IPSS), founded on April 1, 1888 with royal charter of January 15, 1890.

It has, among others, qualified services in the area of health such as physiotherapy treatments, specialty consultations, dental medicine, nursing services, cardiology and examinations.


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