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Sick leave of up to three days: how to claim at SNS 24

Since 1 May 2023, short-term sick leave of up to three days can now be issued on SNS 24. Find out how in this article

Since 1 May 2023, workers can now request up to three days sick leave through SNS 24. This measure results from an amendment to article 254 of the Labour Code and is included in the Decent Work Agenda package.

By simplifying the process for issuing short-term sick leave, workers no longer have to go to the health centre to justify their absence from work. Besides making workers' lives easier, this measure also alleviates the administrative workload of health centre doctors, who now have more time to give consultations.

How does sick leave of up to three days work?

In this model, the Temporary Incapacity Certificate issued by the doctor to justify absence from work is replaced by a self-declaration of illness by the worker, under his/her honour. This self-declaration can be issued in the personal area of the SNS 24 portal, on the SNS 24 App, or even, if it cannot be issued digitally, through the SNS 24 Hotline (808 24 24 24 24).

After the sick leave is issued, the worker will receive a code by SMS or email, which they must give to their employer for inspection purposes.

Who can apply?

Any worker aged 16 or over, in the private or public sector, can request this short-term sick leave.

How long can the leave be?

Each self-declaration can justify, at most, three consecutive days of absence from work. In other words, the leave can last one day, two days or three consecutive days.

How many leaves of up to three days can be requested at SNS 24?

Each worker has the right to take this leave twice a year. In other words, in one year, you can justify, by self-declaration issued on the SNS 24, six days of absence from work.

What if the limit of use is exceeded?

Anyone who has already requested two leaves of absence of up to three days through the SNS 24 and is again absent from work due to illness in the same year should go to the health centre to certify their inability to work.

What should I do if the illness lasts for more than three days and it is necessary to continue on sick leave?

In this case, the worker must also go to the hospital or health centre to extend the sick leave.

Are sick leave of up to three days paid by Social Security?

No. Nothing changes in this respect. As a rule Social Security only pays sick leave from the fourth day of inability to work. Therefore, the first three days are not subsidised. For example, if you are off work for six days, Social Security only guarantees payment for three days.


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