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Siza's works nominated for World Heritage status

Piscina das Marés and Casa de Chá da Boa Nova are part of the list

The Piscina das Marés and Casa de Chá da Boa Nova, located in Leça da Palmeira, are two of the works by architect Álvaro Siza that are part of the candidacy for UNESCO World Heritage.

The diplomatic work is being coordinated by Ambassador José Filipe Morais Cabral, president of the UNESCO National Commission.

The application "Architectural Works of Álvaro Siza in Portugal" includes, besides the Piscina das Marés and the Boa Nova Tea House, the Serralves Museum, the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto, the Pavilion of Portugal at Expo 98, the Bouça neighborhood, the Church of Marco de Canavezes and a private house in Caminha.

The first submission of the application, on January 15th of this year, obtained a favorable opinion. The final submission will be made by about 200 experts and will take place on April 10th. Until then, several work meetings are taking place with the various partners, including the Matosinhos City Hall, represented by the councilman of Culture, Fernando Rocha.

Álvaro Siza Vieira was born in Matosinhos on June 25th, 1933 and studied Architecture at the Fine Arts School of Porto between 1949 and 1955.

He is the author of numerous projects all over the world. In Portugal, highlights include the houses in the Malagueira Quarter in Évora, the Faculty of Architecture in Porto, the Marco de Canavezes Parish Center, the Serralves Museum, the Portugal Pavilion at Expo'98 in Lisbon, the renovation of the Chiado, among many others.

In Matosinhos, it took its first steps with the construction of its "4 Houses" project. Still in Matosinhos, the Quinta da Conceição Swimming Pool (1958-1965), the Piscina das Marés (1961-1966), the Boa Nova Tea House (1958-1965), the Leça da Palmeira waterfront (2006) are examples of his most emblematic works.

The Matosinhos City Hall awarded him in 1988 the Medal of Merit (Gold) and in 2007 the Medal of Honor (Gold) and the Title of Honorary Citizen.

From his vast list of distinctions, we can also highlight the Architecture Award from the International Association of Art Critics (1982), the Architecture Award from the Association of Portuguese Architects (1987), the Gold Medal of Architecture from the Superior Council of the Colleges of Architects of Spain (1988), the Mies van der Rohe Award (1988) and the Pritzker Prize, from the Hyatt Foundation, for the renovation project in the Chiado area in Lisbon (1992).

In 2019, the architect Álvaro Siza Vieira received the Grand Prize of Architecture of the French Academy of Fine Arts and the Spanish National Architecture Prize.


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