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Smell of gas in company cuts street in Matosinhos

In question there was a problem with the valve of a reservoir, but no leakage occurred

Today at 11:40 we were triggered for a gas leak in conduit to Rua Conselheiro Costa Braga in Matosinhos.

Upon our arrival, there was a leak of fueled gas resulting from the rupture of the natural gas pipeline on the public road derived from works at the site.

Together with the PSP in S. Mamede, a 100-meter safety zone was created, the road being cut off from traffic and pedestrians.

The residents of the 4 buildings adjacent to the accident were evacuated and a water line was established in order to disperse the gas.

With the arrival of the Portgás picket, the zone cut was carried out, the ventilation of the adjacent buildings began and the assessment of the existence of gas concentration inside them.

As safety conditions were met, operations were concluded at 12:40.

On site:

1 Urban Fire Fighting Vehicle Matosinhos-Liça Firefighters - 5 firefighters

1 Leixões Fire Rescue Ambulance - 2 firefighters

PSP - 3 elements

SMPC Matosinhos - 1 element


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