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Sports Gala 2019

“We are proudly a partner municipality of sports associations” this is how the Mayor of Matosinhos, Luísa Salgueiro, opened the Sports Gala on Friday night, visibly satisfied with the sporting merit achieved by more than 500 athletes at the time. sport 2018-2019. The Centro de Desportos e Congressos de Matosinhos was, once again, the stage for this, which is now the third edition of the Sports Gala held in Matosinhos, a moment of celebration, meeting, conviviality and, above all, a tribute to all those who , at the sporting level, have left the Matosinhos brand across the country and around the world. In this Sports Gala, the teams, athletes and technical team from the county's sports clubs that achieved collective district, national and/or international titles in the 2018/2019 sports season were honored, as well as athletes who, being part of clubs in the council, achieved individual titles of equal magnitude in 2018.

And the numbers are impressive, with more than 300 awards awarded. More than 500 athletes, more than 30 clubs and more than 20 modalities that the City Council and Matosinhos Sport awarded at this sports festival. Athletics, cycling, mountain biking, gymnastics, golf, kempo, kickboxing, swimming, orienteering, figure skating, fishing, surfing, triathlon, sailing, viet-vo-dao, chess, handball, beach handball, athletics, basketball, football, futsal , duathlon/triathlon, volleyball were the awarded sports. Luísa Salgueiro also took the opportunity to express a special thanks to the collectives, their athletes, their coaches, technical directors and Presidents, as well as their family members, who are undoubtedly so many and at so many times one of the indispensable supports for good performance in the sporting activity. “On the part of the City Council and Matosinhos Sport, we assure you that we will do everything to continue to provide conditions for athletes and clubs to maintain the pace of growth achieved in Matosinhos” concluded the Mayor. The awarding of prizes to the communities and athletes was made by the Mayor of Matosinhos, Luísa Salgueiro, by the President of the Municipal Assembly of Matosinhos, Palmira Macedo, by the Councilor for Human Resources, Valentim Campos, by the Councilor Pedro Rodrigues, and by the administrators of Matosinhos Sport, Helena Vaz and Vasco Pinho. Representatives of the federations of the modalities honored were also present, as well as the presidents of the Parish Unions of Matosinhos and Leça da Palmeira, Pedro Sousa, of Custóias, Leça do Balio and Guifões, Pedro Gonçalves, and of São Mamede de Infesta and Senhora da Hora, Leonardo Fernandes, and the North Regional Director of the IPDJ, Vítor Dias.

There was also a tribute to the President of the municipality carried out by the Portuguese Basketball Federation (FPB), with the presentation of a video, and the delivery of a souvenir to Luísa Salgueiro by the President of the FPB, Manuel Albano. The night was also marked by the presence at the Matosinhos Sports Gala and on the stage of the Sports and Congress Center of several "Strong Men". Remember that the “Strongman Champions League” takes place in Matosinhos from the 15th to the 17th of November, the grand finale of the Strongman Champions League world circuit. During these days Matosinhos welcomes and watches the competition between some of the “strongest men in the world”, many of them over 2.00m tall and weighing around 200kg. A spectacular and different event not to be missed, for everyone and especially for those who like the show and extreme sport, with the presence of the 2018 World Champion Dainiz “The Titan” Zageris, the Truck Drag World Champion, Kelvin “Big Boss Strongman” by Ruiter, from Holland, the Finnish Mika Törrö “El Toro”, 2.05 m tall and 185 kg and the Irishman Sean “The Giant” O’Hagan, among several other stars of the sport from various countries. The presentation of this year's Sports Gala was, once again, in charge of the well-known television presenter, Ricardo Couto, and had some moments of entertainment, namely the performance of the band "Projeto 65" that has been highlighted in the program " The Voice Portugal”. Projeto 65 is a musical group from Leça da Palmeira made up of Martim Gavina, Gonçalo Paiva and Gonçalo Cabral. On stage they presented originals with pop, jazz and blues influences and covers in an acoustic register. The band started in 2016 with only two of the members, Martim Gavina and Gonçalo Paiva, which drummer Gonçalo Cabral joined shortly after. The first concert as a trio took place in Massarelos and made them realize that together they could do some funny things. That's how it came about, after some resistance in creating a name, Projeto 65. After about 3 years, they continue to create new covers and begin to present the first originals.


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