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Start of sardine season 2023

The ban on sardine fishing ended this 31 March, but the ban was maintained until 2 May

Photo: FB Luísa Salgueiro

Not because the stock is in danger, but because the fat content of the species was not yet desirable. The sardines want to be fat and dripping on bread, but they were still skinny and the fishing sector and the administration reached an understanding.

"It was decided that the month of May would be the right time to begin fishing the sardines, and not in April, because it is expected that they still don't have the fat content to have the flavour that we recognise," explained the president of the National Association of Organisations of Producers of Sea Fishing (ANOPCERCO).

Humberto Jorge assured that this postponement has nothing to do with the state of the species. On the contrary, there are many sardines in the sea.

After the lifting of this ban, the fishermen of Matosinhos continued with their nets in search of the much desired sardine. To start this harvest and as usual, in accordance with tradition, the local officials went to greet the fishermen, wishing them a good harvest and good tides.

Present at this moment were the Mayor of Matosinhos, Luísa Salgueiro, the councillor for culture, Fernando Rocha, the vice-president, Carlos Mouta, the sports administrator, Henrique Calisto and the president of the Parish Council of Matosinhos and Leça da Palmeira, Paulo Carvalho.


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