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TAP with mega promotions

This TAP promotion can be an incentive to book your vacations for 2023 right now. Until January 15, flights to Europe, Africa and America are much lower. Find out more

The Portuguese airline started this Monday, January 2nd, a mega campaign with promotions on flights to almost anywhere in the world, at reduced prices. You can fly from Portugal to the most famous European cities, to Africa, the United States, Canada and Brazil at significantly lower prices.

You can find roundtrip flights to several European destinations at very nice prices. If you want to go on a short getaway at the beginning of the year, choose the city of love as your destination. Departing from Porto, you can get roundtrip flights (from 25 to 29) to Paris for two people for €127.20. If you are just one person, you can find flights to Paris from €79 In March, from Lisbon, you can get return flights to Madrid (day 2 to 5) for two people for €97.16. Or flights to Venice for €110, roundtrip.

Also included in the promotion are flights outside Europe. You can travel to African countries from € 119, to New York from € 392, to Miami for € 451 and to Brazil for € 549. Taxes are already included in the price.

For these discounts to apply you must stay at least three days when traveling to Europe or North Africa and at least five days in other destinations. The maximum period between outbound and return flights is 1 month. The promotion is not in effect for some periods, these are: March 31 to April 17; July 15 to August 31 and December 15 to December 31.

Until January 15th you can take advantage of this promotion on TAP website.


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