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Teachers' strike continues, with parents and staff joining protests

Ongoing protests reach several points in the country

The teachers' strike by district affects the whole country this Monday. In Oeiras, teachers held a march to the City Hall and had the support of officials and guardians. But other protests that were already underway affect schools in various parts of the country. This is the case of the Primary and Secondary School of Padrão da Légua, in Matosinhos, which is closed.

At 8:00 am, time for classes to start, the gates of the Padrão d Légua Secondary School, in Matosinhos, did not open. The teachers were joined by operational assistants.

In Gaia, 10 primary and pre-school schools closed for the first time.

The struggle continues. Strikes by district: in the north, the first is Thursday, 19th, in Braga.


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