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Teachers' Welcome Tour

Start of the 2022/2023 school year with the welcoming of 40 new teachers

The Matosinhos City Hall marked today, in the Public Sessions room, the start of the 2022/2023 school year with the welcoming of the new teachers, from all education cycles, in order to facilitate their integration, disseminate the educational projects of municipal scope and the heritage of the municipality, and strengthen ties between the services of the municipality and schools.

The new teachers were received by the Councilman of Education of the Matosinhos City Hall, António Correia Pinto, who made a point of welcoming them, presenting the municipality's education team and the most structural projects related to education in the municipality.

"With this session 'Knowing Matosinhos - A Welcome Guide for New Teachers' we intend to ease the circumstances that happen to this professional class (probably the only professional class to go through this) that every year, around this time, due to the change of school, faces a new challenge, a new life, a new reality, a new territory, with all the impacts, personally and professionally, that this change brings" said the responsible for the Education Department of the Municipality.

The goal is to facilitate the integration of these teachers, convey the reality of our county, the training and educational potential of our territory and make known our educational projects and our heritage, he stressed.

During the session, was presented the educational dynamics of the county and the measures to support students and families for the school year 22/23 by the municipality, in its various aspects: school social action, school park, non-teaching staff, local heritage and local curriculum, training offer, curricular enrichment activities, specialized technical teams and all educational projects that the municipality develops in conjunction with our schools.

The reception to the new teachers was attended by the Mayor of Matosinhos, Luísa Salgueiro, who also said a few words to the teachers.

"We always make a point of having a special moment with the new teachers who arrive in Matosinhos for the first time. We are here to facilitate your integration. We want you to know the importance we attach to your role and to your mission to prepare our children and young people at the highest level" stressed the mayor.

"You are, therefore, very welcome to Matosinhos. I hope you enjoy Matosinhos, work here and build the future here with us in this challenge of sharing and mutual learning. You can always count on us", he concluded.

After this welcoming session, the 40 new teachers were invited to take a tour around Matosinhos during the day with guided visits to emblematic places, where they got to know the culture, the tourism offer and the heritage, namely MuMMa - Matosinhos Memory Museum, Casa da Arquitectura, CMIA - Matosinhos Environmental Monitoring and Interpretation Center, and São Brás Ecological Park.

The initiative will end with the delivery of certificates of participation.


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