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The DDD Festival is already underway

Porto, Matosinhos and Gaia receive, from Tuesday until April 30th, the 7th edition of DDD - Days of Dance Festival

There are 28 shows, mostly national premieres, in a total of 46 recitatives, in 14 stages distributed by the three cities of the Oporto district.

Lia Rodrigues, Faye Driscoll, Emmanuel Eggermont, Tânia Carvalho, Sofia Dias & Vítor Roriz/Filiz Sizanli and Mustafa Kaplan, Dori Nigro and Gaya de Medeiros are some of the 65 artists and companies that will be present at DDD 2023, which celebrates its 7th edition. In total, nine nationalities will be represented (Portugal, France, Germany, Italy, Albania, Turkey, Cape Verde, Brazil, USA).

In a statement, the co-director of the Performing Arts Department of Ágora (Porto City Hall's municipal cultural company) anticipated an edition of the festival with "(self) care and a sense of community, of meeting and celebration".

Tickets can be purchased at DDD's central box office, at Teatro Rivoli, as well as at the ticket offices of the respective performance venues. On the Internet, they are on sale on the BOL platform.

The cost varies per show, between 7 euros and 12 euros.

There are shows with free entrance. These are the ones that take place in the public space - the section Corpo + Cidade -, the parties at TMP Café and 'Serei/Afrodiaspórica', by Dori Nigro, at Casa da Arquitetura, in Matosinhos.


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