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Theatre play "No one goes wrong at Christmas" was performed this Sunday

The play "No one goes wrong this Christmas!" written and directed by Cristiana Leite for the theatre company Todos em Cena, recently based in Custóias, took place this Sunday, December 11, in the Guifões Parish Hall

With the auditorium practically full, the show featured the actors: Ana Mendes; Arminda Machado; Filipa Rocha; Lucas Rodríguez; Mafalda Santos; Mariana Chibante and Tatiana Silva.

Also at the event there was dancing with the special participation of New Generation Dreams, an Urban Dance group.

At the entrance to the event, people who went to the show brought a variety of food goods, to contribute to a solidarity cause. The food will be donated to the Instituição Ajuda Fraterna de S.Martinho de Guifões.

The purpose of the institution is to help the needs of people in need, in food support, technical help, medication, among others. This institution is part of the RPICPE project (Partnership Network of Institutions Fighting Economic Precariousness).

The event was supported by the Union of the Parishes of Custóias, Leça do Balio and Guifões.

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