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There are no Santas in Portugal

The Fixando services platform has launched an online campaign to recruit Santas, with the aim of responding to the lack of entertainers for Christmas parties

Until December 16, Fixando will speed up the registration process on the platform for all those interested in providing animation services as Father Christmas. Additionally, providers in this area will also have access to one free proposal per day, so that they can get in touch with clients immediately.

According to Alice Nunes, director of new business at Fixando, this is an attractive opportunity for those who like working with children and in animation events, with requests to hire Santas translating into an average income of €135 per service, with an average duration of 2 hours.

According to the platform, 45% of the registered requests are for personal/family Christmas parties, followed by 15% for company events, 10% for school parties, 9% for commerce and 6% for Christmas fairs.

"With two services per day, in a weekend it is easy to reach more than 500€, with only a small investment in the costume, which costs about 30€ already with boots and props (beard and moustache)," explains Alice Nunes.

Between November 1 and December 6, the demand for Santas for events and parties grew by 20% compared to the same period in 2021 and about 83% of requests recorded this year did not get a response.

Fixando's analysis also reveals that it is in the district of Lisbon (43%) that the highest number of requests for this Christmas service are concentrated, followed by Porto (17%), Aveiro (10%) and Braga (8%).

"Sometimes it takes a lot of advance notice to hire these entertainers, and for this very reason, we want to ensure that people who are still looking for a Father Christmas for their celebrations, can find someone to their measure," highlights the same responsible.

Fixando expects to collect about 1,000 Santas throughout the country, during the next few days, and thus ensure response to customers looking to bring some additional magic to Christmas events.


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