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There is a new mural in honor of Capicua

The “most extensive art exhibition in the world”, «As Estrelas do Caminho», by the Estrella Galicia brewery, ends in Matosinhos with a mural in honor of rapper Capicua

According to the press release «As Estrelas do Caminho», it is “an exhibition covering a total of 370 km that connects the French Way of Santiago de Compostela to the Portuguese Way”.

The nine murals of the Portuguese Way to Santiago de Compostela cross 230 km and depict “local characters with stories of overcoming the land and the Way of Santiago”.

The works were developed by Portuguese artist Daniel Eime and Galician artist Lula Goce, in nine locations in Spain and Portugal.

On Portuguese soil the murals are in Rubiães, Ponte de Lima, Barcelos and Matosinhos and next to each mural there is a QR Code to learn more about the stories behind «As Estrelas do Caminho».

The final mural depicting Ana Matos, better known as Capicua, rapper and writer born in Porto, will begin to be developed soon, in Matosinhos, at Rua de Recarei 883. The author will be Daniel Eime, also from Porto.

The protagonist of the mural in Matosinhos, Portuguese singer and songwriter, Capicua, says that “the Way to Santiago is the umbilical link between the two peoples that, deep down, are part of the same culture”.

The document also states that “the expansion of the project to Matosinhos intends to continue to honor the true protagonists of the Camino de Santiago, the population that lives these regions intensely, and in a way are part of the history of the Camino de Santiago, by making their cities available. and villages to pilgrims”.


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