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They robbed the publishing house where they worked in Matosinhos. Recovered material

Equipment was recovered in the districts of Porto, Vila Real, Aveiro, Guarda, Lisbon and Setúbal

The Republican National Guard (GNR) recovered, on Friday, diverse stolen material and accused two men and a woman, aged between 24 and 29 years, for theft, in the municipality of Matosinhos, in the district of Porto.

According to a statement released this Saturday, the military GNR conducted several steps as part of an investigation, "which lasted approximately five months, for theft of photographic equipment from inside a publisher, occurred in October 2022".

Thus, two suspects were identified and charged.

"During the police action, it was found that the defendants performed work in the damaged company, where they seized eight cameras, a reputable brand in the market, whose value amounts to 7,700 euros, some of which had already been traded in the parallel market," reads.

During the action, a woman was also accused of "receiving stolen material and reselling the equipment.

The equipment "was recovered in its entirety, in the districts of Porto, Vila Real, Aveiro, Guarda, Lisbon and Setúbal," having been returned to its rightful owner, according to GNR.

The facts were reported to the Matosinhos Judicial Court.


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