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TIP wants to dematerialize the bureaucratic renewal of Andante student passes

TIP wants to dematerialize the bureaucratic renewal of Andante student passes

The Transportes Intermodais do Porto (TIP) has as "ultimate goal" dematerialize the renewal of student passes Andante, which in some cases still require a bureaucratic process, said official source of the entity to Lusa.

"The ultimate goal of TIP is to achieve the total dematerialization of this procedure, allowing the actions of membership and renewal of Andante subscriptions can be done entirely 'online', through its portal," said to Lusa official source of the entity.

The complementary grouping of companies (ACE) that manages the intermodal system Andante recalls that the renewal of various subscriptions for students, "implies the delivery of paper documentation, legally required, and as such requires the face-to-face service in Andante stores, causing some pressure on its operation.

"More 60,000 students in the AMP [Metropolitan Area of Porto], including 5,000 foreigners, aged between 13 and 23 years, join or renew their subscriptions 'Andante 4-18' and 'Andante Sub 23'," says the entity.

Although the renewal can be done from July, "the entry into school vacations postpones this step to the months of September and October," and on August 26 about 22 thousand students had still renewed the profile Andante 4_18, a number that fell to 18 thousand until last Monday.

Currently, TIP "has several actions in place in order to mitigate the impact of this operation", such as sending SMS messages, strengthening the number of staff and service stations of Andante stores, and support of station agents, "namely Metro do Porto", in carrying out "all operations that do not require face-to-face service".

With the total dematerialization of the procedures, the TIP aims to "free the service in stores for customers who actually need support to carry out operations or simple clarification.

"This goal has already been achieved with the students of the University of Porto, through the creation of a platform dedicated to Andante and is expected to be extended to most higher education institutions for the academic year 2023-2024," said official source of the grouping to Lusa.

However, as for the social pass 4_18, the process "is more difficult because of the need to submit a form proving enrollment without School Transport, in order not to double the social benefit.

"Still the TIP is analyzing this procedure with a view to its administrative simplification," says the grouping, praising that some municipalities "have contributed to the debureaucratization of the process, by assuming, in whole or in part, the costs of transporting students," as in the cases of Porto, Vila Nova de Gaia or Matosinhos.

The company also recalls the use of the mobile application Anda, "which allows the use of the cell phone as an alternative to the card, meeting the daily habits of young people.


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