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Tips for keeping the house warm on cold days

There are simple and effective tips for keeping your home warm on cold days, so you can feel comfortable even on the worst winter days

Keeping your house warm on cold days is possible, and we're not just talking about using central heating. If you are one of those people who enjoy the cold seasons, but want comfort inside your home, know that it is possible.

Being able to keep your house warm in the cold months is essential, but not just to keep you from shivering or catching cold. In our country, the quality of both older and more recent construction (despite strict legislation) leaves much to be desired when it comes to thermal insulation.

Even though our winter is not extremely harsh, houses are not prepared for it. Conclusion: very thin walls and frames, poor heating systems, poor or non-existent ventilation, and several little holes where the cold can enter, not only harm your health but also your wallet.

Learn how to keep your house warm on cold days

Prepare hot drinks

There is nothing better to raise our body temperature than to drink a nice, tasty, warm beverage. The options are many: from tea to coffee, not forgetting delicious hot chocolate.

Prepare meals in the oven

Another good tip to keep the house warm on cold days is to start preparing meals in the oven. Cakes and baked goods are always good options. Besides the comfort that warm food gives us, the heat from the oven can be used to warm up the house.

Insulate the doors and windows

An almost basic option to keep the house warm on cold days is to insulate the doors and windows in order to prevent the cold from entering. Now, as for great evils there are great remedies, you can buy foam or rubber to serve this insulation purpose. You can find help in hypermarkets, department stores, or drugstores.

Change the decoration

Change the arrangement of your furniture to be able to retain the heat. Investing in heat retention is the best way to keep the house warm and minimize heating costs. Bare exterior walls let heat escape more quickly. So, put large pieces of furniture against the walls, cover them with mirrors, frames, and wallpaper.

Close blinds and shutters

With winter time and cold days, there is no reason to keep your shutters and blinds open once the sun is gone! Thus, we advise you to close your shutters and blinds to keep the heat out.

Insulate your windows

How so? Very simple. In the big do-it-yourself stores you can find rolls of bubble wrap that are, after all, an effective and cheap way to keep your house warm because they keep the heat in and keep the cold out. All you need to do is cut a piece of plastic to size, spray the glass and plastic on the ball side with a little water, and place with the bubbles facing the glass.

Abuse of textiles

In cold weather, bet on blankets, pillows, and warm blankets, which not only warm you, but also make the house more comfortable and cozy. On the other hand, as most of the heat is lost through the floor, use rugs or carpets, as they provide extra insulation.

As for sofas, prefer fabric versions rather than leather, as leather is colder in winter. Complete your sofa with cushions and warm fabrics, such as velvet or suede.

When it comes to curtains, if you have lightweight versions, keep them, but complement them with heavier fabrics on top. This way, you'll have the complete package when it comes to textiles helping to heat the house on the coldest days.

Following all of our tips for keeping the house warm can help, but it is important that you consider investing in insulation. Ideally, you should go ahead with a solution to insulate the facade (aka capoto), the ceiling or renovate the windows in your home, considering options such as PVC frames, windows or double glazing.


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