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Traffic on Luiz I Bridge reopens this week

The lower deck of the Luiz I Bridge, between Porto and Gaia, will reopen to motor traffic on April 14, at 10am

The information provided by Infraestruturas de Portugal is advanced by the JN, which also states that even this Tuesday painting work of the structure was underway, as well as the placement of pavements.

It is recalled that the work on this historic landmark of the city of Porto began on 14 October 2021 and its completion was delayed 18 months more than planned.

The successive delays were due to the high number of parts in bad condition that were found during the sandblasting, which required the replacement of a larger number of parts.

Weather conditions and the war in Ukraine, with the consequent rise in the price of materials, were also at issue.

The total cost of the rehabilitation of the Luiz I Bridge was 4.2 million euros, of which 500 thousand euros were spent only to strip and paint parts.


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