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ULSM Dermatology Service marks Euromelanoma Day

From the 16th to the 20th of May, the Dermatology and Venereology Service of Hospital Pedro Hispano/ULSM will carry out free skin cancer screenings to its users, adhering once again, through this initiative, to Euromelanoma Day 2022, the of Skin Cancers

Euromelanoma Day is celebrated on May 18, but at Pedro Hispano Hospital the screening will start next Monday, May 16, throughout the week.

Screening is free, but registration is required by phone: 911 96 64 64

After two years of a pandemic that led to the suspension of face-to-face screening, the Portuguese Association of Cutaneous Cancer (APCC) resumed this initiative, inviting the various Dermatology services to participate.

Euromelanoma Day is a European initiative created with the aim of promoting and sharing information on the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer.

Screening consists of a complete examination of the skin, information on care with sun exposure - the most important risk factor for the development of skin cancer -, in the completion of a small questionnaire, drawing attention to the changes to be valued in the "signs".


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