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Unprecedented exhibition about the history of the City Park at the Museum of Porto

The Porto Museum is inaugurating this Saturday, the 29th, at 5.30pm, an original exhibition on the history and composition of the City Park

The exhibition, coordinated by the architect who created the project, Sidónio Pardal, will be on show in the Gabinete do Tempo, in Casa do Infante.

In "City Park: Landscape Composition" it is possible to see several stories, among which "the centennial ambition of the inhabitants of Porto for a "municipal park, properly wooded" and "the experience of its enjoyment by those who visit it".

According to the press release, the exhibition "also presents unpublished photographs by Duarte Belo, illustrations by James DeTuerk and the cinematographic vision of André Tentúgal, director from Oporto, about the City Park".

With naturalized green areas that extend to the Atlantic Ocean, the City Park is exalted in this exhibition, which will be available for visits until January 14, 2024.

In parallel, the "green lung" of the city of Porto will host an extended conversation and a session of the cycle "An Object and its Discourses", in the months of May and June.

The conversation "Making and maintaining the City Park", takes place at Casa do Infante on Thursday, May 11, at 6pm, and will be led by Sidónio Pardal, Francisco Sendas, Gabriela Leite, Liliana Ferreira, Diana Almeida and Celeste Robalo.

As part of the International Museum Day, three visits to the exhibition will take place: on Thursday and Friday, 18 and 19 May, at 11am (guided by Joana Alves-Ferreira), and on Saturday, 20 May, at 3pm (led by Sidónio Pardal).

The celebration of the City Park continues in June, with a session of the cycle "An Object and its Discourses" that will take place on the site itself. The "The City Park: Architectural Nature" will take place on Saturday, June 3, at 6pm, with Sidónio Pardal and Álvaro Domingues.

The meeting will launch a new perspective on this, the largest urban park in the country. Entrance is free, subject to prior registration, and limited to 50 participants.


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