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Vodafone Portugal announces revenue increase to 315 million euros

Vodafone Portugal's total revenues rose 5.8% to 315 million euros in the fiscal third quarter ended December, and service revenues rose 3.7% to 280 million euros, the company said on Wednesday, February 1

In a statement, the operator led by Mário Vaz said that "during the third quarter of fiscal 2022-2023, from October to December, Vodafone Portugal's service revenues grew 3.7% compared to the same period of the previous fiscal year, to 280 million euros" and total revenues recorded a growth of 5.8%, to 315 million euros.

According to the company, "the number of fixed service clients grew once again in the quarter in question, having totaled 919 thousand in the fixed broadband service, while the client base of the TV service reached 846 thousand".

In both cases the year-on-year increase was 6.3%.

The mobile service registered a "positive variation of 0.4%, comprising 4.7 million clients in Portugal", says Vodafone Portugal.

"The expansion of Vodafone Portugal's next-generation fiber network continued during the period in question: at the end of December, the FTTH network reached 4.4 million homes and businesses (up 6.5% year-on-year), either through its own network or existing strategic partnerships," it adds.

In parallel, "the ambitious mobile network modernization plan continued to be executed, which includes the continued expansion of the 5G network coverage", Vodafone adds in the statement.

"As in previous quarters, this period once again reflected the current macroeconomic and geopolitical context, marked by the challenges resulting from the significant increase in costs, particularly energy costs, of which we are intensive consumers due to the size and complexity of the networks and systems that support the services provided to our customers," said the chief executive officer (CEO) of Vodafone Portugal, Mário Vaz, quoted in the statement.

"At a time when we are developing plans to modernize our network (mobile and fixed) and continue the implementation of 5G, this context adds extra challenges to our operation in the new calendar year" and "these circumstances determined the inevitability of the communication in January this year, of an update of the prices of telecommunications services provided by Vodafone Portugal, which will come into force from March 1," the manager continues.

However, "aware of the social and economic importance that our services have for all families, companies and institutions, we also provide a set of solutions/suggestions for customers who find themselves in a situation of special economic vulnerability" and "we reaffirm our commitment to work on the permanent improvement of the services provided, ensuring the quality, innovation that characterises us and the differentiation necessary to offer an adequate quality/price ratio to all our customers", concludes Mário Vaz.


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