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What you can't miss this weekend in Matosinhos

Get to know the suggestions to make the best of your weekend in Matosinhos

Expojardim and Urban Garden - Fair

After the last edition in Lisbon, Expojardim returns to Exponor - Matosinhos - Porto. On March 16, 17 and 18, the Municipality of Matosinhos will be at ExpoJardim. As usual, the fair will bring together a wide range of equipment, products and services related to the sector, including equipment, street furniture, sustainable environment and circular economy. It will also be a unique opportunity for players in this area of activity to present their proposals and solutions to the market.

When: March 16th to 18th 2023, from 10am to 7pm

Where: Exponor, in Leça da Palmeira.

Leça Valley Archaeological Seminar - Territory

Next Friday, March 17th, the Salão Nobre dos Paços do Concelho will host the Leça Valley Archaeological Encounters, with the public presentation of some of the most recent archaeological works developed in the territory of the hydrographic basin of the Leça River, involving the municipalities of Matosinhos, Maia, Valongo and Santo Tirso, along with regional themes related to the territory of the Leça River.

More info: here

Phone: +351 22 939 0967

When: March 17, from 9h30 to 18h30

Where: Salão Nobre do Paços do Concelho (Town Hall)

“Notas de Soirée” - Music

It is already next Friday, at 21h30, that the Matosinhos Memory Museum receives a musical performance by the Óscar da Silva Music School.

This will be another session of "Soirée Notes", a partnership between the municipal museums and the Óscar da Silva School of Music, as part of a strategy of approach and cooperation between museums and the community.

The Mirrors Room of the Matosinhos Memory Museum will thus have its programming streamlined during the month of March, by the Óscar da Silva School of Music.

This partnership is born from the will to provide future artists with a stage for live performances, thus developing their skills, but also from the intention to diversify the programming of these cultural spaces, welcoming new audiences and providing differentiated experiences in community.

Get to know the program and come to the museums! Admission is free, but limited to the capacity of the rooms.

More information: here

When: March 17, at 9:30pm

Where: MuMMa - Memory Museum of Matosinhos

Ivone Princess of Burgundy - Theater

The Municipal Theater of Matosinhos receives next Saturday, at 9:30pm, the play "Ivone Princesa de Borgonha".

First performed in 1938, Ivone, Princess of Burgundy tells the story of a woman who fell victim to the intrigues of a manifestly dysfunctional court. Gombrowicz's essay did not seek an exemplary heroine, an administrator of social justice, or a loyal servant of her own silence. He was interested in the story of an absurd court, ignorant to difference, which is confronted by a strange woman who, against everything and everyone, refuses to yield to the customs of her time. It is a sordid text, with black humor, of unbelievable cruelty, but, at the same time, irresistibly seductive, revealing an author capable of looking into the darkness of the human soul and, with it, making a great show.

Ivone, Princess of Burgundy is a very timely essay on the ferocity of silence in a system too confident in the stability of its eloquence.

Text by Witold Gombrowicz | Staging by Luís Moreira

More info: here

When: March 18th, 9:30pm

Where: Municipal Theater of Matosinhos Constantino Nery

Expresso Poesia - Poetic Laboratory

Next Saturday morning the Biblioteca Municipal Florbela Espanca will host another poetic performance workshop given by Isaque Ferreira and Rui Spranger.

Aiming to provide the inclusion of new voices in the dynamics of public readings, this training action proposes to involve the general public in the possibilities of reading aloud, stimulating the contact of trainees with the poetic text.

Encouraging the writing and reading of fictional works, experimenting with narrative techniques, exploring creativity, developing writing skills, and proposing aesthetic reflection are some more objectives of this training course aimed at people over 18.

Free participation in the filming to mark the World Poetry Day.

Free activity inserted in the Municipal Reading Plan program.

Enroll here: form

When: March 18, 10am-1pm

Where: Auditorium of Florbela Espanca Municipal Library

Around the Market - Route

The Market Tour is back and ready to anticipate the celebration of Father's Day with a route around the Matosinhos Market on March 18.

Alone, with family or friends, come and discover this route open to participants of all ages, which combines sports, leisure and a healthy lifestyle, leading to the discovery of the surroundings of our markets.

Organized by the Municipality of Matosinhos, co-financed by the application PDR 2020 and produced by Grupo Desportivo 4 Caminhos, the routes have the support of monitors from this sports association based in Matosinhos, challenging the public to discover the various points of cultural, tourist, commercial and local production located in the surroundings of these municipal facilities.

Registration is free and can be done here >

Info: (+351) 964 254 174 /

When: March 18, 2023

Where: Matosinhos Municipal Market

"The Fascinating Journey of Water" - Creative workshop

The Matosinhos City Hall celebrates the World Water Day with the workshop "The Fascinating Journey of Water" at the Monte de S. Brás Ecological Park.

In this workshop families will explore the Natural and Urban Water Cycles, experiencing and simulating the different stages and processes that go through from its capture to its return to nature.

The activity is free and limited to existing vacancies. Registration by email is required.

When: March 18 - 3pm-5pm

Where: Monte de S. Brás Ecological Park

Action of planting elderberry - Nature

Sabugueiro planting action in the demonstrative fields of the Vale do Leça Landscape Recovery Centre with the purpose of raising awareness for the promotion of native species. Mandatory registration via email.

When: March 18 - 09h30-12h30

Where: Monte de S. Brás Ecological Park

Father's Week - Playful activities

From March 13 to 19, the municipality's municipal pools promote several activities for fathers and sons, who will be able to enjoy the same class and perform several playful activities guided by teachers.

Learn all the conditions at the reception of the municipal pools.

When: March 13 to 19

Where: Municipal Swimming Pools

"Father's Day Run" - Run

Next Sunday will be the 19th edition of the Father's Day Race, an event organized by Runporto and the Instituto Superior de Administração e Gestão (ISAG), with the support of Matosinhos Sport and the Matosinhos City Hall.

Sponsored by Fernanda Ribeiro, Olympic champion in the 10,000 meters and the athlete who has won more international medals for Portugal, the Father's Day Race is divided into two events: a 10 km timed race and a 5 km non-competitive walk. The starting gun will be fired at 09h00, but traffic changes will take effect well before that. Between 5am and 1pm next Sunday, traffic will be cut off in the start/finish area, on Avenida Norton de Matos (Matosinhos waterfront). The rest of the route will only be blocked between 08h00 and 13h00.

The race course will be as follows: Norton de Matos Avenue, Cidade do Salvador Square ("Rotunda da Anémona"), Brito Capelo Street, Sousa Aroso Street, Alameda Eugénio de Andrade, D. Maria II Avenue, return by D. Maria II Avenue, Rua Real de Baixo, Rua Sousa Aroso, Avenida Dom Afonso Henriques, Avenida Menéres, Rua Roberto Ivens, Avenida Serpa Pinto, Avenida Engenheiro Duarte Pacheco, Avenida "O Comércio de Leixões", return through Avenida "O Comércio de Leixões", Avenida Serpa Pinto, Avenida da República, return through Avenida da República, Rua Roberto Ivens, returning to the starting point, Avenida Norton de Matos, where the finish line will be located.

More information:

When: March 19th

Where: Matosinhos

21st North Meeting of MTB Schools - Zone A

On March 19th, in Picoutos Park, will be held the 21st Meeting of Mountain Bike Schools of the North - Zone A.

An organization of the club BTT Matosinhos with the support of Câmara de Matosinhos and Matosinhos Sport

When: March 19th

Where: Picoutos Park

Exhibition of Posters allusive to the XXIII Inter-schools Sports Tournaments of the County

The Florbela Espanca Municipal Library hosts, from March 15 to 21, another exhibition of the poster contest of the Inter-schools Sports Tournaments, which will take place this year in Matosinhos between May 2nd and 8th.

The exhibition with the posters in competition opens today, at 6 pm, and counts with the 56 posters that were in competition, elaborated by 90 students from our secondary schools.

When: March 15 to 21 | schedule: Monday to Friday: 9h00-19h00, Saturdays: 9h30-12h30/13h30 to 17h30

Where: Florbela Espanca Municipal Library

Space and Architecture - Drawing Course

For beginners, practitioners and lovers of drawing, this course approaches different themes. The course program intends to broaden the knowledge and techniques of drawing, as well as challenge different ways of observing.

The second module of the course will be dedicated to the drawing of space and architecture, and will be supervised by artist Clara Saracho and Professor Marta Cruz.

Age group: From 12 years old and with no age limit

Price: 80 euros/month, with basic materials included.

More Information: or +351 227 669 316

Registrations through the email or the form.

When: March 11, 18 and 25

Where: Casa da Arquitectura

[From the Archive] Matosinhos Not Built - Exhibition

This is the first exhibition entirely produced by the Casa da Arquitectura and dedicated to the collections in the care of the Archive.

This exhibition has as its theme projects that were partially built, built and demolished or never built by names such as Eduardo Souto de Moura, Fernanda Seixas, Francisco Melo, Jorge Gigante, José Almeida, José Gigante, Manuel Correia Fernandes, Pedro Mendo, Pedro Ramalho, Teresa Fonseca.

When: until April, during box-office hours

Where: Casa da Arquitectura

Casa das Máquinas – Free guided tours

Visit the engine room of a municipal pool and find out what it looks and how it works. Learn how millions of liters of water are heated and treated daily, among other data and curiosities.

The first cycle of guided visits (lasting 45 min. approximately) will be at the municipal pool of Senhora da Hora, on March 4, 11, 18 and 25.

Registration is free, but mandatory. Limited availability.

More information at the reception of the pools.

When: March 4, 11, 18, and 25, 9 a.m./10 p.m.

Where: Piscina Municipal da Senhora da Hora

Architecture for all - Free Guided Tours of the House of Architecture

The Casa da Arquitectura promotes, starting next Sunday, guided tours to the Casa da Arquitectura. The initiative is free and will take place every Sunday at 11am.

When: Sundays, at 11am

Where: Casa da Arquitectura

“Dias de Guerra” - Exhibition

February 24, 2023 marks one year since the beginning of the armed conflict between Ukraine and Russia. A barbarism that was hoped to be short-lived, but unfortunately persists, and in a context of escalation that does not glimpse a promising future.

Intending to give the look and the voice of all those who still fight emerging in the hope of a near future smoother, Matosinhos marks this day with the opening of the exhibition "The Days of War": a photographic record experienced in the first person by photojournalist Rui Caria, to whose images are added texts by Manuela Niza Ribeiro. A hard exhibition, of enormous realism and emotion, although with subtle nuances of hope and faith.

The opening of the exhibition will be attended by Rui Caria and Manuela Niza Ribeiro, as well as by the Ukrainian lyric singer Serhii Alkin - a refugee in Portugal, welcomed by Matosinhos, who will perform two themes of traditional Ukrainian music.

When: February 24 - March 26, 2023

Where: Matosinhos Municipal Market

"Romagem à saudade" - Temporary exhibition

Inserted in the initiative "Mar de Luz" which marked over three days the 75 years of the 1947 Shipwreck, the exhibition "Romagem de Saudade" will be open until March 19, 2023 at MuMMa - Matosinhos Memory Museum.

This exhibition aims to honor the fishermen who perished at sea, as well as their families. The exhibition focuses on the experiential, documentary and material memories allusive to the Shipwreck of 1947.

Besides the collection of the Matosinhos City Hall, several entities, such as the Faculty of Fine Arts of Porto, NAPESMATE - Núcleo de Amigos dos Pescadores de Matosinhos, APAM - Associação dos Pescadores Aposentados de Matosinhos, or the Matosinhos Fishermen's Ranch, have actively collaborated in this project, through the donation of numerous objects and documents, most of which are being exhibited for the first time.

On land, the tragedy of the despair of the women, with no news of their husbands and sons, the prayers said and the cries of distress made the night even darker. This tragedy impressed the painter Augusto Gomes, who, in several of his works, portrayed the pain and despair of these women, helpless before the fury of the sea.

Another iconic work of the artist from Matosinhos related to the 1947 Shipwreck is the imposing and disturbing canvas "Untitled", better known as "The Family". Augusto Gomes paid homage to the victims and their families, apparently at the request of the Matosinhos City Council. The painting was for several years in the old Lota of Matosinhos, with an alms box beside it. The large oil, in gray tones, depicts a fisherman's family in despair. The triangular composition in the foreground over the emptiness that surrounds the figures reinforces the dramatic charge of the whole painting. Father, mother, and children are represented incarnating and sacralizing a universal pain.

A year after this sad episode, João Martins da Costa, a painter born in Coimbra, presents the canvas "O Mar Sagrado - Tragédia marítima de 2 de Dezembro" (The Sacred Sea - December 2nd Maritime Tragedy) as his final course work at the Fine Arts University of Oporto. The theme is imbued with dramatic symbolism, following the religious representations of the "Lamentations over the Dead Christ" (also called Pietá), but with the figures of the fishermen's families taking the place of the sacred characters.

In addition to works of art, the exhibition also includes models of the 4 sunken trawlers, as well as a panoply of objects that reveal the daily life and religiosity of the fishermen of the time, maritime banknotes and newspapers of the period.

When: until March 19, 2023

Where: MuMMa - Museu da Memória de Matosinhos

"Sapatilhas - Marcas Portuguesas do Estado Novo ao Virar do Milénio" - Exhibition

At a time when sneakers are gaining a global dimension as one of the icons of contemporary culture, Casa do Design inaugurates this exhibition curated by Pedro Carvalho de Almeida, to showcase a part of the legacy of the national sports footwear industry. Starting from a unique collection of over 500 models of sneakers representing a universe of 100 brands designed and manufactured in Portugal, this exhibition explores the cultural, social, political and economic significance that the brands represent. It proposes a brief historical contextualization, an in-depth reading of the Sanjo and Cortebel brands, but above all the revelation of a surprising collection of other brands characterized by small series, models for different sports practices and their packaging.

When: until August 27, 2023

Where: Casa do Design

“Matosinhos, Lugar e Memória" - Exhibition

The temporary exhibition of the Museum of Memory "Matosinhos Place and Memory" was inaugurated in August 2022, as part of the celebrations of the 1st anniversary of the Matosinhos Memory Museum.

Using a selection of photographs by Gabriele Basilico, belonging to the Municipality's collection, the exhibition contrasts these same records today: the urban and industrial landscapes captured by Basilico in the project "A City Like This" (1996), are now portrayed in the present time.

More than 25 years separate these photographic captures, and in this counterpoint it is possible to see and feel the city: its evolution, the response it has given to new civilizational challenges and the growing needs of its population.

Admission: 1,00€ (includes visit to the permanent exhibition + temporary exhibition)

When: until March 2023

Where: MuMMa - Museu da Memória de Matosinhos

“Linhas de Vento. Percursos Artísticos na Natureza” - Works from the Serralves Foundation Collection - Exhibition

The group exhibition is composed of a set of works by international artists associated with the land art or earthworks movement, such as Richard Long, Hamish Fulton and Ana Mendieta, who, from the late 1960s, took nature as a starting point for the creation of works conceived outside their studios. The show establishes a dialogue between the works of these artists with the works of some of the biggest names in Portuguese contemporary art, such as Alberto Carneiro, Fernando Lanhas, Lourdes Castro, and Luísa Cunha.

In "Lines of Wind. Percursos artísticos na natureza" a cross between painting and drawing, sculpture, photographic and audiovisual record of actions and performance in the natural environment, thus establishing their artistic works in close relationship with territory, anthropology, geology as well as ecology.

When: until April 23rd, 2023

Where: Municipal Gallery of Matosinhos

We are counting on you! - Storytelling

Give wings to your imagination and come fly through the magical world of books and charming stories!

During Storytime, the stories, almost always simple narratives and short stories, are told to excite and awaken the imagination of the younger ones.

When: Saturday at 11am or 3pm

Where: Municipal Library Florbela Espanca

ECO-MARKET - Organic products fair

On Saturdays, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., in Jardim Basílio Teles, there is an organic produce fair, where you can find alternatives for a healthier and tastier diet.

More information: here When: Saturdays from 8am to 1pm

Where: Basílio Teles Garden


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