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World Theater Day celebrated with various activities

Activities at the Constantino Nery Theater and Florbela Espanca Library

On World Theater Day, the Municipal Library Florbela Espanca, celebrated yesterday, March 27, opened its doors for a special inclusive theater activity that involved users of AAJUDE- Association of Support to Disabled Youth and students from elementary schools Augusto Gomes and Florbela Espanca.

Marked every year on March 27, the World Theatre Day is celebrated since 1961, by initiative of the International Theatre Institute, with the aim of drawing attention to the importance of theater in the History and Culture of Humanity, through the realization of various events and initiatives around the world.

AAJUDE users presented a theatrical performance inspired by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's "The Little Prince" and the bonds of friendship created between the Little Prince, a pilot of a plane that broke down in the Sahara desert, and a fox.

"When we have nothing, we can imagine a wonderful thing", "We should never give up on our dreams", "To captivate is to create bonds of friendship forever" or "We should take care of the planet as we take care of our friendships" were some of the phrases expressed by AAJUDE users in their presentation.

This work began to be prepared after Christmas and has now been presented to the school children. In their turn, the students recited some words about "Special Children".

With this initiative, the municipality intended to celebrate the World Theater Day, contributing to an inclusive society.

Founded in 1982, the AAJUDE has been located in Santa Cruz do Bispo since 2013, providing Occupational Activities Center, Residential Home and Home Support Service.

Also on the same day, the Teatro Municipal de Matosinhos Constantino Nery was filled with children from Matosinhos schools to see the play "The Snail and the importance of slowness".

The play was already on stage yesterday for the general public. Today, tomorrow and Wednesday the show will be directed to children from schools in the municipality.

The initiative, which marks World Theater Day in Matosinhos, will bring to Constantino Nery about 600 students from pre-school and 1st cycle of basic education of Matosinhos, including the basic schools of Matosinhos, Augusto Gomes, Nogueira Pinto, Corpo Santo, Sendim, Praia and Kindergarten Santa Cecilia. "The Snail and the importance of slowness" is the story of a young snail who wanted to find out why they were such slow-walking animals and also why they didn't have a name that distinguished them from other snails.

Since the older snails in the community were not interested in his questions, he decided to set out on a journey in search of answers beyond the meadow where he had always lived. Walking slowly, very slowly, he meets an animal he had never seen before, a tortoise.

The tortoise, also on a journey, had come from oblivion and was leaving for an uncertain place called exile, after having been abandoned, because it had grown up and become a nuisance to its owners. It is thanks to this encounter with the tortoise, who was called Memory, that the answers to her worries appear, and she is called Rebel.

However, before they part, the tortoise will show him something that is happening, which will give meaning to Rebel's life - the advance of the city and the tarmac - and which will force him to convince the other snails of the need to look for another meadow to live in.


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