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Young Municipal Assembly visits services

45 students visited the Municipality to learn more about how the services work

Students from several schools of Matosinhos, which make up the Young Municipal Assembly, visited some services of the Municipality of Matosinhos to learn more about the functioning of the Municipality.

The group was received by the Deputy Mayor, Carlos Mouta, who welcomed them and gave them a guided tour of some of the municipal spaces: Main Hall, Public Session Room, where the public town hall meetings and municipal assemblies take place, Private Session Room, where private town hall meetings and various meetings take place, as well as the Presidency areas.

The services that the group made a point of visiting and getting to know up close were: the Communication and Public Relations Office, which deals not only with all of the municipality's communication, but also with protocol issues and the organization of events; the Municipal Bodies Support Office, which provides administrative and secretarial support to the Municipal Bodies; the Citizen's Store, where all citizen services are provided, the Information Systems Department, Civil Protection, and the Municipal Police.

In May 2023, the second Young Municipal Assembly of Matosinhos will take place, a privileged space for debate and reflection among young people, which emerged following the need and importance of encouraging young people to actively participate in the life of the municipality and to promote their civic and citizen participation.

This school year, 45 young people are participating in the project, coming from 6 secondary schools and vocational schools: Augusto Gomes Secondary School; João Gonçalves Zarco Secondary School; Padrão da Légua Secondary School; EPROMAT - Vocational School of Matosinhos; Alternância Vocational School and Boa Nova Secondary School.

The Youth Municipal Assembly intends to be a privileged space for debate among young people, providing an experience of social participation and empowering them to exercise an active citizenship and serving as democratic reinforcement, making them aware of the issues of local power.

Aimed at young people in the 10th grade, the project is materialized in actions such as this visit to municipal services, the holding of political literacy sessions, among others that are the basis for the Plenary Assembly. Transversally to the different stages, there are training actions/workshops in transversal skills such as Public Communication, Teamwork, and Personal Presentation.

It will be up to each Municipal Youth Group/Working Group to prepare and present a proposal for a single recommendation that fits the competences of the Municipality, serves the interest of the local youth population, and responds to concrete problems of the community, according to specific thematic areas, the Strategic Axes of the Municipal Youth Plan: Education, Employment, Housing, and Training; Health and Youth Welfare; Citizenship and Participation; Public Space; and Sustainability and Climate Change.

This group of young people will also attend the Municipal Assembly that takes place today, February 27, at 9 pm, in the Public Session Room, in the City Hall.


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