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Zeeman arrives in Portugal and chooses Matosinhos to open its first shop

The first shop in our country will open on April 26, at Avenida da República, in Matosinhos

Zeeman, a Dutch multinational specialized in clothing and basic and quality textile products, announces its arrival in Portugal with the opening of its first shop in Matosinhos. The shop opens on the 26th of April and will be located in the heart of the city, on Avenida da República, nº411. Besides this, the brand will also inaugurate its website in Portuguese next June.

For Zeeman, Portugal will be a fundamental part of its growth plan in Europe. The brand intends to bring the Portuguese closer to the "neighbourhood shop" concept, which involves always being close to customers and avoiding them having to travel far to buy quality clothes and textiles at the best price.

"We are very excited to finally arrive in Portugal, which will be an important country for our expansion strategy in Europe," said René de Lege, Director Sales, Real Estate & Construction at Zeeman. "We are known in Europe for the quality of our clothing and everyday essentials at the lowest possible price, and we aim to bring the same concept to Portugal. We are able to present these low prices because we keep everything simple. As a result, we don't run many promotions, as customers can count on our low prices every day."

Zeeman designs the majority of its own products

With simple designs, which allow production in large quantities, and through clever organisation, Zeeman guarantees the lowest possible prices. It has a wide range of products, divided into four main categories: baby and children's clothing; tights and stockings; bed, bath and kitchen textiles; and underwear, lingerie and pyjamas. It also sells women's and men's fashion and non-textile products such as home accessories and cleaning products. Zeeman is a family business and 100% of the shares are in the hands of the Zeeman family.

Founded in the Netherlands in 1967, Zeeman is now a large chain with more than 1,300 shops in eight European countries and also online. "Zeeman stands for quality textiles and basic products for the whole family.

Its 56-year history allows it to present very positive results. More than 70 million customers visit its shops each year, spread over several countries in Europe: the Netherlands (500+ shops), Germany (200+ shops), Belgium (300+ shops), France and Spain (160+ shops), Luxembourg (12 shops) and Austria (1 shop).

Commitment to sustainability

A children's t-shirt for 2.99€ and a pack of four socks for 4.99€ - and still good quality and responsible manufacturing? On its website, Zeeman explains how this is possible: thanks to the "zuinig" mentality, which means being respectful and thrifty towards people, the environment and society.

In the Netherlands, the company has been named Sustainable Retailer of the Year 2021, Retailer of the Year 2022 and also Best Baby and Child Clothing Retailer for many years running. The brand's philosophy is to sell responsibly made, quality clothing and textile products at the lowest possible price. This also makes Zeeman a social brand, ensuring that its products are affordable for everyone, especially for those who have more limited budgets and sometimes find it difficult to buy sustainable products.


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