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Compensatory Forestation Plan in progress

The Compensatory Tree Planting Plan foresees the planting of 8 thousand trees by 2025, starting with the planting of three plane trees in the Leça Green Corridor

The Matosinhos City Hall informs that the felling of three plane trees in the Leça Green Corridor is underway.

At the origin of the decision is the need to install a new medium voltage line essential for the normal operation of the SuperBock factory in Leça do Balio. The necessity of a security strip for the new line, implies the need for this intervention.

As a form of compensation, the SuperBock Group awarded the municipality an indemnity, which will result in the acquisition and planting until 2025, of more than 8,000 trees in various locations in the municipality, such as parks, small gardens and road framing areas.

Under this Compensatory Tree Planting Plan, three plane trees are already being planted in the Leça Green Corridor, near Varas Park.


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