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Cruz do Pau Housing Complex

Requalification of the public space begins next week

The Matosinhos City Hall starts, next week, the contract works for the requalification of the public space surrounding the five blocks of the Cruz do Pau Housing Estate.

After the rehabilitation of the 104 dwellings carried out by Matosinhos Habit, the next step is the exterior arrangements. The project, with an execution time of eight months, represents an investment of about 600 thousand Euros.

It foresees the conversion and qualification of the sidewalks, the regulation of the car parking (creation of 4 parking spaces for vehicles with reduced mobility), the placement of collective urban furniture (paper bins, public benches, etc.), the placement of bicycle racks, the relocation of stairs at connection points between blocks, the implementation of raised crosswalks for speed reduction on Dr. António Teixeira de Melo street, the redefinition of green spaces next to the buildings, among other improvements.

The pedestrian circulation zones will also be reorganized, so that they comply with the normative criteria for reduced mobility in urban environments.

It is also planned to demolish misappropriations and green spaces with inadequate vegetation that accumulates garbage, a situation that causes the propagation and infestation of rodents.

With regard to waste collection, two new ecopoints will be implemented with large capacity underground containers for the disposal of household waste and selective collection.


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