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GNR reinforces call for safety at Vodafone Rally de Portugal

Almost 3,000 soldiers from the National Republican Guard, 550 marshals, Civil Protection and PSP will guarantee the security operation of the Vodafone Rally of Portugal, the biggest sporting event in the country

The security operation for the 56th Vodafone Rally of Portugal was the central theme of the press conference held this Tuesday at the GNR Territorial Command in Porto. About 2,900 GNR military will ensure the security conditions and patrols in the 20 classifications of the event (19 specials of the race, plus the Shakedown), from Thursday to Sunday, together with 550 marshals of the ACP and different means of Civil Protection and PSP.

The whole operation is dimensioned for an increase in the number of spectators in comparison to recent years, still marked by the world pandemic, with the GNR reinforcing the need for the collaboration of the public of the race. "The objective of the Guard will be to guarantee security in the displacement, access and course of the biggest national sporting event, so that there is a climate of public tranquillity and full security. From the end of the 10th and until Sunday, the GNR will develop an intensive security and patrolling operation", said Major Hernâni Martins, from the GNR Communication and Public Relations division.

"We will have around 2,900 soldiers involved in the whole event, an average of 700 per day. The Guard's device will act in a preventive way, but will be prepared for all circumstances. We expect many thousands of fans, mainly Portuguese and Spanish", said the GNR representative, who appealed to respect "the orders of the Guard and the indications of the marshals".

An appeal reinforced by Lieutenant-Colonel Babo Nogueira, one of those responsible for the GNR operation on the field: "We need everyone's collaboration. The error of a single spectator can jeopardize the completion of a section. If everything happens within the safety rules, the race will be a success. We remind you that the presence of the public is only allowed in the spaces provided - the Spectacle Zones. By definition, all other spaces are off-limits. We urge you to be careful with fire causes, even though high temperatures are not expected. It is important to avoid dangerous situations that may cause falls or injuries. It is also very important to pay attention to the signposting of hybrid vehicles - red light is a danger sign of electrocution. It is necessary to wait for the green light before approaching the car", reminded Lieutenant-Colonel Babo Nogueira, alluding to the electrified technology of the current Rally1.

Horário Rodrigues, the race director of the Vodafone Rally of Portugal, also highlighted "the importance of the collaboration with GNR and all the security forces, without which this event could not be held in the same way. Security continues to be fundamental for us to remain among the best rallies in the world. The public behaves better and better, so that people follow the instructions, so that the rally is again a success", he pointed out, alluding also to the "great evolution of the event in the environmental component. We don't want to leave any traces, except for the tyre marks on the road", said Horácio Rodrigues.

Check here the interative maps of the 56th Vodafone Rally of Portugal Show Zones.


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