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Municipality celebrates International Civil Protection Day

Several actions with the Civil Protection, Firemen Associations and schools throughout the county

On March 1, the International Day of Civil Protection was celebrated. The City Council prepared a series of actions throughout the municipality that will extend, in some cases, for the rest of the week.

By joining the United Nations global network as a Resilience Hub, Matosinhos has assumed an increased responsibility in the promotion of the objectives of the United Nations Agenda 2030 for risk and disaster reduction. Yesterday, was just another moment of implementation of actions that focus on achieving these goals.

Early in the morning, the mascot for risks, Alertinha, who is a regular presence in schools, was at the Araújo School, in Leça do Balio, to raise awareness about self-protection measures to all classes of the school, where it was possible to learn from this special company and further develop the skills of our children for risks and self-protection.

In the Guilherme Pinto auditorium, at the Matosinhos Parish Council, it is possible to see until Friday, March 5th, the itinerant exhibition "Knowing the wasp", an informative show about the hornet velutina (known as Asian wasp). Observing eliminated nests in their various stages of development, the equipment and methods used for their elimination, as well as some images and videos where it is possible to observe slaughter actions are some of the information you can take from this exhibition. Throughout the week the exhibition site will host several schools for clarification sessions on the subject. Note that in the year 2022, 426 Asian wasp nests were eliminated in Matosinhos.

The International Day of Civil Protection was the date chosen to promote the first major action under the theme "Knowing the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) from local to global perspective". In this context, an exhibition of school works under the theme "Together Let's Save the Planet", reflecting the concerns of young people with climate risks and disasters, can be visited until March 5 at Marshopping.

But awareness raising is not only done with children in Matosinhos. Yesterday, at Augusto Gomes Secondary School, themes such as first intervention in case of fire and basic life support were worked on with adults, teachers and non-teaching staff of our school equipment.

It should be noted that over the past few years the Municipality of Matosinhos has developed several awareness-raising actions in order to reach various audiences. There have already been 2,149 awareness-raising actions, which have reached 73,780 students and 9,029 teachers and non-teaching staff. In the 2022/2023 school year, there are already 175 actions on various topics associated with risks, raising awareness of 5,110 students and 585 teachers and non-teaching staff.

"Matosinhos more resilient" is also a project to raise awareness of the risks of everyday life and monitoring of the elderly in the parishes of Matosinhos and Guifões, continues to run and yesterday reached more elderly. At this moment, the project accompanies 35 elderly people, with a potential for growth and will run at least through the year 2023.

The Councillor for Civil Protection of the Matosinhos City Hall, Marta Pontes, made a point of being present in the various initiatives of this International Day of Civil Protection in Matosinhos.


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