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Seminar on domestic violence

Initiative of the Matosinhos delegation of the Portuguese Red Cross

"The Mask that protects also hides: The other face of Domestic Violence - What COVID hides in Domestic Violence, from childhood to the 3rd age" is the theme of the seminar that the Matosinhos delegation of the Portuguese Red Cross organizes today in the Salão Nobre dos Paços do Concelho, with the support of the municipality.

Throughout the day, speakers with direct and indirect intervention in the area of domestic violence will address issues such as vulnerability and violence on older people during the pandemic, domestic violence during the pandemic, the life trajectories of LGBTI victims of domestic violence, the hidden cause of many health disorders and the fragilities revealed in the post-pandemic.

The opening session of the event was attended by the Vice Mayor of Matosinhos, Carlos Mouta, the Secretary of State for Equality and Migration, Isabel Rodrigues, and the President of the Portuguese Red Cross, Ana Jorge.

"Domestic violence is a problem that is becoming increasingly evident. I hope that it does not mean an increase in the number of cases, but a greater number of knowledge. The real cases already exist. They were hidden. Only by knowing, can we respond to these situations", Ana Jorge said.

The president of the Portuguese Red Cross recalled that the country's first shelter home for temporary accommodation of victims of domestic violence opened in 2006 in Matosinhos, and has already accommodated around 700 women and 400 children. At national level, she highlighted the six emergency shelters, the seven support structures, the transport, the psychosocial support and the tele-assistance.

The Secretary of State for Equality and Migration stressed that "combating domestic violence is a priority", adding that "the reinforcement of the funds in this area in the State budget for 2023 translates that commitment".

"Our response network covers 95% of the country. We have 198 shelters, 35 shelters, 26 emergency shelters, 31 spaces for psychological support of children and young victims of domestic violence," she said.

For Isabel Rodrigues, "primary prevention is very important". "We should not only look at the victims, but also at the aggressors from the point of view of prevention. This is a global problem. Prevention has to involve education for non-violence, involving children and young people, investing in campaigns to prevent dating violence and fighting stereotypes", she stressed.

The vice-president of the municipality, Carlos Mouta, spoke about the work that the Municipality of Matosinhos has been developing over the years, in partnership with several institutions, in response to situations of domestic violence, violence and discrimination against LGBTI people, dating violence or human trafficking.


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