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Session Community Funds PRR + PT2030 took place this Friday at the Lionesa Business Hub

Session on Community Funds PRR (Recovery and Resilience Plan) + PT2030 was held this Friday at the Lionesa Business Hub

This opened with interventions from Pedro Pinto, CEO of the Lionesa Group and Margarida Couto, President of GRACE.

Following the opening, there was a debate on the impact of Community Funds on the Community, with the following speakers Fernando Leite - Managing Director of Lipor; Luísa Salgueiro - Mayor of Matosinhos and Eduardo Pinheiro - Secretary of State for Planning. There was also room for a Q&A (questions and answers) after the debate.

This initiative was jointly organised by the Lionesa Group, the GRACE Association and the Matosinhos municipality.

The Parish Councils of Custóias, Leça do Balio and Guifões supported this initiative.


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