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Trail of Entrepreneurship with a lot of participation

Around 700 people ran or walked along 10 km in the Leça green corridor

About 700 people participated in the Entrepreneurship Trail and ran or walked for their projects along 10 km in the Leça green corridor. This IAPMEI initiative, supported by the Matosinhos City Council, was an opportunity to train soft skills such as resistance and resilience applied to sport and crucial for business success.

The Leça green corridor and its surroundings were the location chosen by IAPMEI because it currently represents one of the most vibrant territories in terms of hosting and business development and with the greatest potential for growth in the coming years.

Throughout this race, in a recent infrastructure that has its first phase already completed and in the future will connect 4 municipalities through the banks of the river Leça, the participants passed by Lionesa BH where more than 100 companies are installed or by Super Bock Group. It is estimated that more than 10 thousand people work in this area.


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