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Award for the EB Igreja Velha

4th F class distinguished in the project “No Poupar está o Ganho”

The project “Quanto Vale a Gratidão!”, prepared by the 4th F class of Escola Básica Igreja Velha, in S. Mamede de Infesta, was distinguished in the 12th edition of the contest integrated in the project “No Poupar Está o Ganho”.

Created by the Dr. António Cupertino de Miranda and implemented in the municipality of Matosinhos, “No Poupar Está o Ganho” is a financial education project whose mission is to create a new generation of consumers and develop skills that allow them to respond correctly to day-to-day situations involving financial decisions. The way to achieve this purpose is through financial education in schools, providing the pedagogical resources necessary for its implementation.

The action aims to transmit knowledge of financial education to students, so that they become aware of the importance of money and can acquire skills that allow them to make correct and informed decisions in the future, helping them to be more responsible consumers.

The project “How Much is Gratitude Worth!” da EB Igreja Velha was distinguished, in the municipal competition, with the Creativity prize. In the national competition, he received the Creativity Honorable Mention for the same project.


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