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Matosinhos is the Municipality with more families on the waiting list for social housing

The Metropolitan Area of Porto (AMP) has more than seven thousand families waiting for social housing

The problem is that the number of dwellings being built by the municipalities is insufficient to cope with so many people.

The solutions proposed by the municipalities to alleviate the problem are not enough.

The supply of social housing has not increased in the last few years, with the exception of Porto. And Matosinhos has the longest waiting list, with 1593 families. Right after is Maia with 1256 families on hold, and Gaia with 1091.

In the Metropolitan Area, only in the municipalities of Póvoa de Varzim and Arouca are all the requests for social housing expected to be filled.

In Póvoa, there are about 100 families waiting for municipal housing, and the municipality plans to build 104 homes.

In Arouca, the number of houses to be built is exactly the same as the number of applications, 34.

In the remaining municipalities, the social housing to be built is lower than the number of applications.


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